Length: 2 years (120 ECTS)
Approach: Professional
Attendace: On campus - English
Cost: 7800€ (with grant)

Do you want to be an expert in a profession experiencing high demand in recent years?

The Master’s in Industrial Economics and Markets came about to respond to the ever-increasing demand for experts in industrial economy brought about by the change of national and international structures due to market globalization and change in competitiveness policies in the industrial sector. The Master’s goal is to train experts through three key areas: Industrial organization, business economics and economic quantitative analysis.

The Master’s, aimed at economists, business & administration profiles and engineers, is a two-year program carried out in English. After the first year, focused on the basics of economics, courses in industrial organization are taught and students can choose one of the three specialization areas: energy economics, telecommunications economics or transport economics. These specializations courses are carried out in cooperation with leading companies in these areas such as Iberdrola, OMIE, REE, Alsa Group, Franciso Corell Foundation, ENAGAS and Samsung.

You will have the chance to study a semester in other top European universities with an Erasmus scholarship or take an extension of your education abroad to specialize in marketing, business administration, finance or information systems.


Economists, engineers and business management profiles who want to specialize in the economy of the key industrial sectors.
You will study in a multicultural environment. 60% of your classmates are from other countries in the world. Your teachers hold P.h.Ds from top global universities.
After learning basic tools of economic analysis, student will get acquainted with their chosen area with experts from large multinational companies. You will develop skills for taking part in international work environments and you will have the chance to take an extension of your education abroad to specialize in marketing, business administration, finance, information systems or further your studies in economics.
There is an opportunity to spend a training period as a professional intern with our partner companies. Many of our students are hired by these companies or other leading companies in the sector.


Master's Thesis

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C - Compulsory
E - Elective

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