Georges Siotis

Associate Professor
Industrial Organization, Health Economics and International Trade Office: 15.02.03
+ 34 91 624 95 84
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Georges Siotis is Associate Professor of Economics and CEPR Research Fellow in the Industrial Organisation Programme.  During 2008-2011, he formed part of DG Competition's Chief Economist's Team of  (EU Commission). During 2011 to 2015, and was  Senior Economic Advisor of the EU Commission Task Forcve for Greece. (TFGR).  He rejoined the Economics  Department in 2015 and his current research focusses on competitive dynamics in the pharmaceutical industry.

Selected Publications

Claici, A., Chatterjee, O, Siotis, Georges, and Stehman, O. "The Market Economy Investor Principal: Lessons Learned from the Ciudad de la Luz Case", Journal of Competition Law and Economics,  Oxford University Press 2016

De Frutos M.A., Ornaghi, C. and Siotis, G. "Competition in the pharmaceutical industry: how do quality differences shape advertising strategies?" Journal of Health Economics, 2013,

Sembenelli, A., and Siotis, Georges “Foreign Direct Investment and Mark-up Dynamics: Evidence from Spanish Firms”. Journal of International Economics, 76, 2008

Recent Research

Castanheira, M., De Frutos M.Á., Ornaghi, C.a and Siotis, G. "The Unexpected Consequences of Asymmetric Competition. An application to big pharma” CEPR Discussion Papers, DP11813, 2017.

Mora, R., and Siotis, G. “Globalisation's multifaceted manifestations since the early 19th century: A quantitative approach”. 2004


"Topics in Industrial Organisation" (undergraduate) Empirical Industrial Organization (masters)