Matilde P. Machado

Associate Professor. Master´s Director in Health Assessment and Market Access
Health Economics and Applied Microeconometrics
+34 91 624 9571 Office: 15.2.01
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Matilde P. Machado is P.hD. in Economics from Boston University. Currently is Associate Professor in the Department of Economics in UC3M and Director of Master in Health Assessment and Market Access. Recently she won CAF’s call for research project “Intergenerational Mobility in Latin America”  with a joint project with Ricardo Mora and Karen Olivo.

Main Publications

Berniell, I., De La Mata, D., and Machado, M. "The Impact of a Permanent Income Shock on the Situation of Women in the Household: the case of a pension reform in Argentina" Economic Development and Cultural Change, 68(4), July 2020

Machado, M., Mora, R., and Romero-Medina, A. "Can We Infer Hospital Quality from Medical Graduates’ Residency Choices?" Journal of the European Economic Association, 10-6, 2012

Barros, P., Machado, M.,  P., and Sanz de Galdeano, A. "Moral hazard and the demand for health services: a matching estimator approach". Journal of Health Economics, Vol 27,  2008

Ackerberg, D. A, Machado, M., and Riordan, Michael H. "Benchmarking for Productivity Improvement: a health care application". International Economic Review, vol47  nº1, 2006

Machado, M. "A Consistent Estimator for the Binomial Distribution in the Presence of Incidental Parameters, an Application to Patent Data". Journal of Econometrics, vol 119 (1) 2004

Machado, M. Dollars and Performance: Treating Alcohol Misuse in Maine. Journal of Health Economicsvol 20 (4) pp 645-672, 2001

Recent Research

The Role of Mothers on Female Labour Force Participation: An approach using historical parish records, (Jesus Carro, Matilde P. Machado and Ricardo Mora), Empirical Economics, Forthcoming.
Post about the paper: Working Mothers, working daughters: looking back at a time when information was scarce.


Grado: Economía de la Salud (en inglés y en español); Postgrado: Economía Industrial (en inglés)