Length: 1 year (60 ECTS)
Approach: Professional
Attendance: On Campus – English Language
Cost: 8000€ (Fellowships)

Do you want to expand your knowledge in economics and delve into quantitative methods at the hands of researchers of reference? Do you want to work in economics consulting or maybe start a career in research?

The Master’s in Economics offers practical knowledge in the main tools of quantitative economics, training students to achieve professional specialization in one of the areas of the economy and providing skills to develop a career in government agencies, international organizations or private companies. It is also useful as a first step for students who plan to become researchers following a PhD program.

The Master’s in Economics, aimed at graduates in economics, mathematics and engineering, is a one-year program (60 ECTS), during which students will have 6 compulsory courses in microeconomics, macroeconomics and econometrics. They will complete their studies with three elective courses and a Thesis

Upon finishing the Master's degree, students will have gained profound knowledge of quantitative methods in economics to enable them to undertake professions related to the economy.


Economics, business and engineering graduates who want to specialize in economics or start a career in economic research.
An international environment with 60% of students from all over the world.
Advanced tools in econometrics, microeconomics and macroeconomics.
International organizations, government agencies, and consulting firms. You can also apply for some PhD programs.


Course 1 - Semester 1

Microeconomics I6CEnglish
Macroeconomics I6CEnglish
Econometrics I6CEnglish

Course 1 - Semester 2

Microeconomics II6CEnglish
Macroeconomics II6CEnglish
Econometrics II6CEnglish

Choose 2 elective courses:

Game Theory6EEnglish
Industrial Organization I6EEnglish
Development Economics6EEnglish
Business and Finance I6EEnglish

Choose 1 elective course:

Cost-Benefit Analysis6EEnglish
Industrial Organization II6EEnglish
Business and Finance II6EEnglish

Master's Thesis

SubjectsECTSTypus Languagea
Master's Thesis6C

C - Compulsory
E - Elective
Graduate School of Economics and Political Science