Eric Maskin, Doctor Honoris Causa


Carlos III University of Madrid (UC3M) has awarded as Doctor Honoris Causa to Professor Eric S. Maskin of Harvard University and Nobel Laureate in Economics, in recognition of his outstanding scientific and academic merits.

At the ceremony held on February 16 at the Getafe campus, which also has been invested Professor Anant Agarwal and more than 35 new doctors and doctors of UC3M. The laudatio of Eric S. Maskin has been made by Professor Luis Corchón, of the Department of Economics of UC3M.

Eric S. Maskin (New York, 1950) is Professor of Economics at Harvard University (USA). PhD in Applied Mathematics from that university, he has been a researcher at the University of Cambridge and a professor at the Institute of Advanced Studies at Princeton and at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. In his works he has made outstanding contributions to political economy, contract theory and game theory, among other fields. In 2007 he received the Nobel Prize in Economics (along with Leonid Hurwicz and Roger Myerson) for laying the foundations of the theory of mechanism design. “This theory is in its infancy, but still has produced important applications: to auctions such as the radio spectrum, to the theory of pairing (which has designed efficient mechanisms for organ transplantation and the allocation of students to schools), to the design of mechanisms against pollution, to the distribution of food for the poor and, finally, its application to the design of cryptocurrencies is being considered”, says Professor Luis Corchón.


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Econometric Game 2018 Team

The Department of Economy has selected the team that will represent the UC3M in the International Competition “Econometric Game 2018” that will take place from 11 to 13 April in Amsterdam.

This competition faces teams from International Universities. . The participation of UC3M is guaranteed thanks to the perfomance of our teams in the last editions. “Econometric Game 2013” was the last timein which our students were winners.

Among the challenge, our  team will have 2 days to solve a case study in econometrics. In case of being finalists  they will have to solve a second problem whose results will be exposed in the Econometric Game Congress where severak soeakers will talk about the methods in econometrics necessary to solve it. Solutions will be reviewed by a jury of independent and qualifed teachers who will announce the winner.

The “Econometric Game 2018” team has been selected among students from P.hD. Programme in Economics and Economic Analysis Master and it is formed by the following members:

-Yuhao Li (P.hD. Student)
-Francisco Pareschi (Master in Economic Analysis student)
-Julius Vainora (P.hD. Student and team leader)
-Miguel A. Cabello (Master in Economic Analysis student)


Good Luck to our team!


Natalia Fabra gets an ERC Consolidator Grant

Proffesor  Natalia Fabra recently got an European Research Consolidator Grant for her research “Current Tools and Policy Challenges in Electricity Markets”

This is the second ERC in the  Department of Economics after William Fuchs ERC. The objetive of this european project is to support  quality research in the EU.