Research Visits (23-24)

Joaquin García-Cabo. Federal Reserve Board (September-December). Guest by Evi Pappa.

Ludo Visschers. University of Edinburgh (September-August). Guest by Luisa Fuster.

Roberto Serrano. Brown University (September-December). Guest by Antonio Cabrales.

Brian Cadena. University of Colorado (January-June). Guest by Daniel Rees and Luigi Minale.

Samuel Bentolila. CEMFI (January-June). Guest by Juan Pablo Rincón.

Seongman Moon. Korea Institute for International Economic Policy (March-August). Guest by Carlos Velasco.

Giovanni Prarolo. University of Bologna (June-July). Guest by Luigi Minale.

Raquel Fernández. New York University (June). Guest by Matilde Machado.