The Department of Economics has a laboratory of experimental economics (LEE) available to the researchers of the uc3m and other research centers. The LEE has 32 computers with access to internet and external servers, and with a variety of software, including  Z-Tree. For more information access the LEE web or contact

All members of the Department of Economics have at their disposal a set of six workstations with remote access from a personal computer that work as a high performance Cluster for scientific calculation or Intensive Computing. For more information contact the technical staff of Computing of the Department.

Each faculty member is provided with a computer (PC or Mac, depending on individual preferences) that is connected to nearby laser printers, with most faculty members having printers in their own offices. Faculty requests for individual software purchases are subject to budget constraints but are normally fulfilled.The Department of Economics can also provide access to a number of workstations (HP700, organized in a cluster and equipped with statistical software) and to a SuperComputer (HP CONVEX-SPP2000, geared at working in batch mode).

The Getafe Campus hosts the Social Sciences Library and the Humanities Library. All teachers and students have access to scientific journals as well as free access to software.

The Getafe Campus has two student residence halls, which are occasionally used for faculty accommodation (there are ten small, one-bedroom apartments). The Campus also features a sports center with a swimming pool, where a large number of activities and sport competitions are organized.

Other facilities include a bank branch, a travel agency, three cafeterias, a student store, three copy centers and a small clinic.