Javier Ruiz-Castillo Ucelay

Honorary Researcher
Welfare Economics, Public Economics, Microeconomics, Scientometrics
+34 91 352 0157 javierruizc8@gmail.com
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Javier Ruiz-Castillo, Ph.D. in economics at Northwestern University, has been professor at Universidad Complutense, General Director of Instituto Nacional de Estadística and, from 1990 to 2017, professor at Universidad Carlos III of Madrid. His research has focused on Welfare and Public Economics and, from 2008 to 2017, in Scientometrics.

Main Research

Deaton, A, Thomas, D. and  Ruiz-Castillo, J.: The influence of household composition on household expenditure patterns. Theory and Spanish evidence. Journal of Political Economy (1989) 97: 179-200.

del Río, C.,and Ruiz-Castillo, J.: Intermediate inequality and welfare. Social Choice and Welfare (2000) 17: 223-239.

Martínez-Granado, M. and Ruiz-Castillo, J.: The decisions by Spanish youth. Journal of Population Economics (2002) 15: 305-330, reimpreso en K. Zimmermann y M. Volger (eds.), Family, Household and Work, (2003) Berlin: Springer-Verlag.

Arévalo, R. and Ruiz-Castillo, J.: On the imputation of rental values to owner-occupied housing. Journal of the European Economic Association (2006) 4: 830-862.

Albarrán, P., Crespo, J., Ortuño, I. and Ruiz-Castillo, J.: The skewness of science in 219 sub-fields and a number of aggregates. Scientometrics (2011) 88: 385-397.

Recent Research

Crespo, J., Ortuño, I. and Ruiz-Castillo, J. : The Citation Merit of Scientific Publications. PLoS ONE (2012) 7: e49156.

Waltman, L., and Ruiz-Castillo, J. Field-normalized citation impact indicators using algorithmically constructed classification systems of science. Journal of Informetrics (2015) 9: 102-117.

Albarrán, P., Carrasco, R., and Ruiz-Castillo, J.:  Are migrants more productive than stayers? some evidence from a set of highly productive academic economists. Economic Inquiry (2017) 55: 1308-1323.

Guinea-Martín, D., Mora, R., and Ruiz-Castillo, J.: The evolution of gender segregation over the life course. American Sociologic Review (2018) 83: 983-1019.

Costas, R., and Ruiz-Castillo, J.: Individual and field citation distributions in 29 broad scientific fields. Journal of Informetrics (2018) 12: 868-892.