Ricardo Mora Villarubia

Associate Professor
Microeconometrics and Labor Economics
+34 91 624 9576 Office: 15.2.08
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Ricardo Mora is Associate Professor of Economics at Universidad Carlos III de Madrid. Mora develops and applies empirical methods in topics mostly related to Labour Economics. In addition to his contributions to the study of labor markets, he has lately published research on segregation, the measurement of quality of care in hospitals, agricultural productivity, and wage differentials. He has published his research in international journals like the Journal of the European Economic Association, the Journal of Applied Econometrics, European Economic Review, and Social Science and Research. He holds a Ph.D. in Economics from the London School of Economics, UK.

Main Research

Mora, R., and Reggio, I. "Alternative Diff-in-Diffs Estimators with Several Pre-treatment Periods". Econometric Reviews, forthcoming. 2016 JCR Impact Factor: 1.333 (Q2)  2016

Cabrales, A., Dolado, JJ. And Mora, R. “Dual employment protection and (lack of) on-the-job training: PIAAC Evidence for Spain and other European countries" 2017, Online Open Access Publication, DOI 10.1007/s13209-017-0166-9SERIEs. 2016 JCR Impact Factor: 0.424 (Q4) 2016.

Li, Y., and Mora, R. "Re-assessing the impact of the grandparent’s income on the infant mortality rate : an evaluation of the Old Age Allowance program in Nepal" World Development 2016, 87:333–348.  JCR Impact Factor: 2.844 (Q1)  2016

Mora, R., and Reggio, I. "didq: A command for treatment effect estimation under alternative assumptions". The Stata Journal, 15(3), 796:808, 2015. (Link to UC3M WP) JCR Impact Factor: 1.292 (Q2)  2015

Guinea-Martin, D., Mora, R., and Ruíz-Castillo, J. "The joint effect of ethnicity and gender on occupational segregation. An approach based on the Mutual Information Index Social Science Research, 49, 167:178. (WP 11-40) JCR Impact Factor: 1.77 (Q1) 2015

Machado, M., Mora, R., and Romero-Medida, J. "Can We Infer Hospital Quality from Medical Graduates' Residency Choices?" Journal of the European Economic Association, 10-6. 2012.  JCR Impact Factor: 2.049 (Q1) 2012

Recent Research

Guinea-Martin, D., Mora, R., and Ruiz-Castillo, J. "Beyond occupation : the evolution of gender segregation over the life course". WP 16-08. UC3M. Spain

Cabrales, A., Dolado, J. and, Mora, R. "Dual Labour Markets and (Lack Of) On‐The‐Job Training: PIAAC Evidence from Spain and Other EU Countries " (IZA WP) (CEPR WP)

Carro, J., Machado, M., and Mora, R. "The onset of female labor market participation and the role of intergenerational human capital transmission". (UC3M WP  CEPR WP)

Kreimer, M., and Mora, R. "Segregated Integration: Recent Trends in the Austrian Gender Division of Labor". WP 13-17. UC3M, Spain. (Link to database)

Mora, R., and Ruiz-Castillo, J. "A Kullback-Leibler Measure of Conditional Segregation" . WP 10-15. UC3M. Spain.


Quantitative Microeconomics  (undergraduate) Econometrics  (undergraduate) Trabajo de Fin de Grado  (undergraduate)

Econometrics I (MIEM, ME) Econometrics for Finance (MF) Microeconometrics (MADE)