Daniel Rees

Full Professor (Research Chair in Economics)
Applied Micro and Health Economics
916249863 Office: 15.2.09
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Daniel I. Rees is a professor in the Department of Economics at the Universidad Carlos III de Madrid and an IZA Research Fellow.  He is also a coeditor of the American Journal of Health Economics and an associate editor at the European Economic Review.  He received his Ph.D. from the Cornell University School of Industrial and Labor Relations in 1992.

Professor Rees is interested in a wide range of topics including the determinants of risky adolescent behavior and the effects of prenatal stress on child health.  Currently, he is studying the mortality transition at the turn of the 20th century, the relationship between hospital desegregation and the Black-White infant mortality gap, and the long-term effects of smoking on health.

Main Publications

Anderson, D. Mark, Kerwin Kofi Charles, and Daniel I. Rees. Forthcoming. “Re-Examining the Contribution of Public Health Efforts to the Decline in Urban Mortality.” American Economic Journal: Applied Economics.

Anderson, D. Mark and Daniel I. Rees. Forthcoming. “The Public Health Effects of Legalizing Marijuana.” Journal of Economic Literature.

Anderson, D. Mark, Kerwin Kofi Charles, Daniel I. Rees, and Tianyi Wang. 2021. “Water Purification Efforts and the Black-White Infant Mortality Gap, 1906-1930.”  Journal of Urban Economics, 122, Article 103329.

Anderson, D. Mark, Ryan Brown, Kerwin Kofi Charles, and Daniel I. Rees. 2020. “Occupational Licensing and Maternal Health: Evidence from Early Midwifery Laws.” Journal of Political Economy, 128 (11): 4337–4383.

Anderson, D. Mark, Kerwin Kofi Charles, Claudio Las Heras Olivares, and Daniel I. Rees. 2019. “Was the First Public Health Campaign Successful?    The Tuberculosis Movement and its Effect on Mortality.” American Economic Journal: Applied Economics, 11 (2): 143-175.

Anderson, D. Mark, Benjamin Hansen, and Daniel I. Rees. 2013. “Medical Marijuana Laws, Traffic Fatalities, and Alcohol Consumption.” Journal of Law and Economics, 56 (2): 333-369.

Mansour, Hani and Daniel I. Rees. 2012. “Armed Conflict and Birth Weight: Evidence from the al-Aqsa Intifada.” Journal of Development Economics, 99(1): 190-199.


The Economics of Health Behaviors (graduate)

Global Health (undergraduate)