Bruno Pessoa Carvalho

Visiting Professor
Political Economy, Public Economics
916248668 Office: 11.2.30
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Bruno Pessoa Carvalho holds a PhD from Nova School of Business and Economics (Universidade Nova de Lisboa). His main research interests are related to political economy and public economics. More specifically, on how voters and politicians interact, on the determinants of election outcomes and on the design and impact of public policies. Bruno's work often mixes theoretical and empirical approaches including some experimental projects. Before joining Universidad Carlos III de Madrid he was a post-doc at ECARES (Université Libre de Bruxelles).


Recent Research

“Campaign spending on local elections: the effects of public funding”

“Information, Perceptions, and Electoral Behaviour of Young Voters: A Randomised Controlled Experiment", with Cláudia Custódio, Benny Geys, Diogo Mendes and Susana Peralta.

“Finding a local fiscal multiplier: do local elections matter?", with Francesco Franco and Susana Peralta

“Voter Turnout in Municipal Elections: Exploiting differences in council size", with Gonçalo Marques and Susana Peralta.

“Regional and sectorial impacts of the Covid-19 crisis: Evidence from electronic payments”, with Susana Peralta and João Pereira dos Santos



Mathematics and Microeconomics (undergraduate)