Martin Dumav

Associate Professor. Ramón y Cajal Res.
Microeconomics, Decision Theory and Theory of Contracts
+34 91 624 9552 Office: 15.2.12
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Martin Dumav is P.hD in Economics from  Texas University, Austin en 2012. Afterwards he was a researcher from Institute for Mathematical Economics y el European University Institute. Since 2015 he is professor in the Department of Economics in UC3M .

Main Publications

Dumav, M., and Stinchcombe, M. "The von Neumann/Morgenstern Approach to Ambiguity". Revise and resubmit to Econometrica

Dumav, M., and Stinchcombe, M. "Skorokhod's Representation Theorem for Sets of Probabilities".  Proceedings of American Mathematical Society  2016

Recent Research

Dumav, M., and Stinchcombe, M. "Multiple Priors for the Open Minded". 2017

Dumav, M., and Khan, U. "Moral Hazard, Uncertain Technologies, and Linear Contracts". 2017

Denter, P., Dumav, M., and Ginzburg, B. "Correlation neglect and optimal media bias". 2017

Dumav, M. "Continuous-Time Contracting with Ambiguous Perceptions". 2017


Microeconomics I (PhD), Undergraduate Microeconomic Theory (Undergraduate)