Luisa Fuster

Full Professor. Head of Department
Macroeconomics and Public Finance
+34 91 624 9331 Office: 15.1.11
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Luisa Fuster (PhD.  Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona) is  Full Professor at the Department of Economics of the UC3M. Previously,  she held positions as Associate Professor with tenure at the Universitat Pompeu Fabra (1995-2003) and the University of Toronto (2003-2008). The results of her research have been published in various academic journals such as the Review of Economic Studies, the Journal of Monetary Economics, and the American Economic Journal: Macroeconomics, among others. In 2021, Luisa Fuster is the president of the Spanish Economic Association

Main Publications

Fuster, L., "Macroeconomic and Distributive Effects of Increasing Taxes in Spain'', SERIEs: Journal of the Spanish Economic Association, 13(4), 613-648. December 2022

Erosa, A., Fuster, L., Kambourov, G., and Rogerson, R., ''Hours, Occupations, and Gender Differences in Labor Market Outcomes''. American Economic Journal: Macroeconomics  2022

Erosa, A., Fuster, L., and Kambourv, G. “Towards a Micro-Founded Theory of Aggregate Labor Supply". Review of Economic Studies   2016

Erosa, A., Fuster, L., and Restuccia, D. "A Quantitative Theory of the Gender Gap in Wages", European Economic Review   2016

Fuster, L., Imhoroglu A.,and Imrohologlu S. "Elimination of Social Security in a Dynastic Framework" Review of Economic Studies  2007

Recent Research

Fuster, L., Erosa, A. and Martinez, T. R. "Public Financing with Financial Frictions and Underground Economy". Working Paper Series Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, 21-04,  2021.


Dynamic Macroeconomics and Topics in Advanced Macroeconomics