Luigi Minale

Associate Professor (Ramón y Cajal Res.)
Labor Economics, Migration, Development Economics and Political Economy
+34 91 624 9638 Office: 15.2.11
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Luigi Minale is an Associate Professor of Economics at UC3M. Prior to joining UC3M he completed his undergraduate studies at Bocconi University in Milan and received his Ph.D. in Economics from University College London in 2015. He is also Research Fellow at the Centre for Research and Analysis of Migration (CReAM - UCL) and further affiliated to the IZA Institute of Labor Economics (Research Affiliate) and to the Centro Studi Luca D'Agliano in Milan.

Main Publications

Francesco Fasani, Luigi Minale and Tommaso Frattini. "(The Struggle for) Refugee Integration into the Labour Market: Evidence from Europe"Journal of Economic Geography (forthcoming)

Francesco Fasani, Luigi Minale and Tommaso Frattini. "Lift the ban? Initial Employment Restrictions and Refugee Labour Market Outcomes". Journal of the European Economic Association (forthcoming)

Christian Dustmann, Francesco Fasani, Xin Meng and Luigi Minale. "Risk Attitudes and Household Migration Decisions"Journal of Human Resources (December 2020, published online before print)

Nicola Mastrrocco and Luigi Minale"News Media and Crime Perceptions: Evidence from a Natural Experiment"Journal of Public Economics (2018)

Luigi Minale. "Agricultural Productivity Shocks, Labour Reallocation and Rural-Urban Migration in China"Journal of Economic Geography (2018)

Christian Dustmann, Francesco Fasani, Tommaso Frattini, Luigi Minale and Uta Schonberg. "On the Economics and Politics of Refugee Migration"Economic Policy (2017)

Recent Research

Pamela Giustinelli, Mariapia Mendola and Luigi Minale. "Subjective Expectations, Ex-Ante Risks and Occupational Choices"

Luigi Minale, Rudi Rocha and Bruno Vigna. "The Long-Run Development of Diverse Towns"

Ruben Durante, Nicola Mastrorocco, Luigi Minale and Jim Snyder. "The Impact of the Internet on Social Capital"


Econometrics (undegraduate), Economics of Labour (undegraduate), Applied Reading Group (PhD)