Johannes Schneider

Tenure Track. (On leave)
Microeconomics Theory, Industrial Organization, Mechanism Design
+34 91 624 93 57 Office: 15.2.14
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Johannes Schneider is Ph.D in Economics from Mannheim University.  He is Tenure Track professor since 2017  

Recent Researh

Balzer, B, and, Schneider, J. "Optimal Mediation with Informational Punishment".

Penczynski, S., and Schneider, J. "Discriminating between Models of Learning - An Experimental Study with Intra-Team Communication".

Balzer, B, and, Schneider, J. "Managing a Conflict ".

Balzer, B, and, Schneider, J. "Optimal Alternative Dispute Resolution" New version coming soon!

Schneider, J. "Persuasion, Pandering, and Sequential Proposal".


Microeconomía (coordinated by Diego Moreno) Economics I (Microeconomics) Microeconomics III