Jan Stuhler

Associate professor. Ramón y Cajal Res.
Applied Microeconomics and Labor Economics
+34 91 624 9678 Office: 15.2.05
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Jan Stuhler is an associate professor at the Department of Economics at the Universidad Carlos III de Madrid. Prior to joining UC3M he completed his PhD at University College London in 2014. He attended the University of Bonn and visited UC Berkeley for his undergraduate studies.

Selected Publications

Braun, S., and Stuhler, J. "The Transmission of Inequality Across Multiple Generations: Testing Recent Theories with Evidence from Germany". Economic Journal. 2018

Nybom, M., and Stuhler, J. "Biases in Standard Measures of Intergenerational Income Dependence". Journal of Human Resources, 2017.

Dustmann, C., Schönberg, U., and Stuhler, J. "Labor Supply Shocks, Native Wages, and the Adjustment of Local Employment". Quarterly Journal of Economics, 2017

Dustmann, C., Schönberg, U., and Stuhler, J. "The Impact of Immigration: Why Do Studies Reach Such Different Results". Journal of Economic Perspectives, 2016

 Nybom, M., and Stuhler, J. "Heterogeneous Income Profiles and Life-Cycle Bias in Intergenerational Mobility Estimation". Journal of Human Resources, 2016

Recent Research

Nybom, M., and Stuhler, J. "Interpreting Trends in Intergenerational Mobility". Revise and Resubmit at the Journal of Political Economy


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