Jaime Millán-Quijano

Visiting Professor
Applied Microeconomics and Development Economics
+34 91 624 9652 Office: 15.2.42
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Jaime Millán is a Post-doctoral fellow at the Department of Economics of Universidad Carlos III de Madrid. He is also associated Consultant at Econometría S.A. (Colombia).

His research is in applied microeconomics, development economics and public policy. My current research is twofold. Firstly, I study the causes and consequences of armed violence, internal conflict and crime. Secondly, I am working on the impact evaluation of targeted public policies in developing countries.

Recent Publications

Millán-Quijano, J. "Internal cocaine trafficking and armed violence in Colombia". Economic Inquiry 2019

Recent Research

Millán-Quijano, J. "Internal cocaine trafficking and armed violence in Colombia" - (Conditional Aceptance Economic Inquiry)

Gamboa, L. F., and Millán-Quijano, J. "Liquidity constraints, opportunity cost and post-secondary education. Evidence from Colombia"

Millán-Quijano, J. "Drugs, guns and early motherhood in Colombia" - (under review)

Millán-Quijano, J. "Designing optimal reintegration programs"


Organización industrial, Desarrollo económico, Trabajo de fin de grado, Economía aplicada