Ignacio Ortuño-Ortín

Full Professor
Microeconomics, Political Economy and Public Economics
+34 91 624 5735 Office: 15.2.23
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Ignacio Ortuño-Ortín is Professor of Economics. His research interests lie in the areas of Public Economics and Political Economy, focusing on problems of redistribution, social mobility, formal models of political competition and cultural and ethnic diversity.

Selected Publications

“Expanding the measurement of culture with a sample of two billion humans,” with N. Obradovich, O. Özak, I. Marín, E. Awad, M. Cebrián, R. Cuevas, K. Desmet, I. Rahwan, Á. Cuevas, Journal of the Royal Society Interface

“Estimating Intergenerational and Assortative Processes in Extended Family Data,” with M. Dolores Collado and Jan Stuhler, Review of Economic Studies (in press 2022)

Recent Research

The Gender Gap in Preferences: Evidence from 45397 Facebook Interests,” with A. Cuevas, R. Cuevas, K. Desmet,(2021), NBER Working Paper, 29451, CEPR Discussion Paper #16740

The Instability of Nations. A Global Analysis of 3,000 Subnational Regions,” with K. Desmet and O. Özak, (2021)


Public Economics