Francisco Javier Robles-Jiménez

Visiting Professor (MadEco Researcher)
Microeconomics, Theory of allocation, Theory of Games and Theory of Pairing
+34 91 624 9683 Office: 15.2.09
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Francisco J. Robles es P.hD. in Economics from  Universidad de Barcelona. Since 2017 he is visiting professor in the Department of Economics in Carlos III University.

Selected Publications

Robles, F. "One-seller assignment problems: core and competitive equilibrium" International Journal of Economic Theory, Forthcoming

Recent Research

Robles, F. "An implementation of the Vickrey outcome with gross-substitutes in package allocation problems".

Robles, F. "Axioms for the minimum Walrasian equilibrium in assignment problems with unitary demands".


Matemathics 1,. Principles of Economics.