Emircan Yurdagul

Associate Professor (Juan de la Cierva Res.)
Macroeconomics, International Economics, Firm Dynamics
+34 91 624 95 53 Office: 15.2.07
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Emircan Yurdagul is an Associate Professor of Economics at UC3M. He recieved his Ph.D. in Economics from the Washington University in St. Louis (2015). His main research interests lie within Macroeconomics, International Finance, and Entrepreneurship.

Selected Publications

“Improving Sovereign Debt Restructurings”, with Max Dvorkin, Juan M. Sanchez, Horacio Sapriza, Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control, 139, June 2022, 104435.

“AIDS, Human Capital and Development,” with Rodolfo E. Manuelli, Review of Economic Dynamics, 42, October 2021, 178-193.

“Sovereign Debt Restructurings: A Dynamic Discrete Choice Approach,” with Max Dvorkin, Juan M. Sanchez and Horacio Sapriza, American Economic Journal: Macroeconomics, 13(2), April 2021, 26-77.

“Endogenous Hours and the Wealth of Entrepreneurs,” with Felix Wellschmied, Review of Economic Dynamics, January 2021, 39, 79-99.

“News, Country Risk, and Sovereign Default,” with Max Dvorkin, Juan M. Sanchez, and Horacio Sapriza, Journal of International Economics, September 2020, 126, 103352

“Overborrowing: Systemic Externalities and Misallocation,” with Hernan Seoane, Journal of International Economics, November 2019, 121, 103252

“Who Quits Next? Firm Growth in Growing Economies,” with Julieta Caunedo, Economic Inquiry, January 2019, 57(1), 33-49.

“Sovereign Default and the Choice of Maturity,” with Juan M. Sanchez and Horacio Sapriza. Journal of Monetary Economics, May 2018, 95, 72-85.

“Production Complementarities and Flexibility in a Model of Entrepreneurship,” Journal of Monetary Economics, April 2017, 86, 36-51.

Recent Research

Caunedo, J., and Yurdagul, E. "Who Quits Next? Firm Growth in Growing Economies''.

Sánchez, Juan M., Sapriza, Horacio, and Yurdagul, E. "Sovereign Default and the Choice of Maturity''.

Manuelli, R., and Yurdagul, E. "AIDS, Human Capital and Development,"

Seoane, H., and Yurdagul, E. "On Overborrowing: Trend Shocks and Capital Controls".

Wellschmiend, F., and Yurdagul, E. "Entrepreneurial Production Function and Firm Dynamics".


Macroeconomics III (Ph.D. Second Year Course) Macroeconomics (Undergraduate Second Year Course