Juan José Dolado

Full Professor
Econometrics, Labour Economics, Macroeconomics
+34 91 624 9602 Office: 15.1.55
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Juan J. (Juanjo) Dolado got his Phd from University of Oxford in 1988. He has been Lecturer at Oxford (1988-89), Chief-economist of the Division of Quantitative Analysis at the Research Dept. of the Bank of Spain (1990-1997), Professor of Economics at European University Institute (2014-2018), and at UC3M (1998-2013 y 2019--). He is an Hononary Fellow of the European Economic Association and Spanish Economic Association (President in 2001), and Research Fellow of CEPR. He was awarded the Prize Jaime I de Economia in 2015 and Vanguardia de la Ciencia in 2011.  His research deals with topics in Labor Economics (e.g., dual labor markets, new labor contracts, gender economics), econometric theory (e.g,. long-memory processes, factor models, quantile regression), and monetary macroeconomics (monetary policy and inequality).

Some of his papers have been published in top general interest and field journals, having collected a large number of citations (h-index:53).

His research has been funded, among other institutions, by the European Commission (H2020 Program), Consolider Project (Spanish Ministry of Science and Technology), Ministry of Education, and Bank of Spain Excellence Program.

Main Publications

Dolado, J., Gonzalo, J. and L. Mayoral)"A Fractional Dickey-Fuller Test for Unit Roots" Econometrica (2002), 70, 1963-2006.

Dolado, J. , Jansen, M. and J.F. Jimeno (2009), " On- the-Job Search in a Matching Model with Heterogeneous Jobs and Workers" . The Economic Journal,  119, 200-228.

Bentolila, S.,  Cahuc , P., Dolado, J., and T. Le Barbanchon (2012), "  Two-tier Labour Markets in the Great Recession. France vs. Spain", The Economic Journal, 122, 155-187.

Dolado, J. and with V. Charnavoki  (2014), "The Effects of Global Shocks on Small Commodity-Exporting Economies. Lessons from Canada”, American Economic Journal-Macroeconomics (2014), 6(2), 207-237.

Chen, L., Dolado, J., and J. Gonzalo (2014),"Detecting Big Structural Breaks in Large Factor Models", Journal of Econometrics (2014), 180, 30-48.

 Recent Research

Dolado, J., Rachinger, H, and C. Velasco (2018),  “LM Tests for Joint Breaks in the Dynamics and Level of a Long-Memory Time Series”  (R&R Journal of Time Series Analysis).

Chen, L. Dolado, J., and J. Gonzalo, (2018), "Quantile Factor Models" (R&R Econometrica)

Dolado, J., Lale, E., and N. Siassi (2018), "From Dual to Unified Employment Protection: Transition and Steady State" (R&R Quantitative Economics).

Dolado, J., Motyovszky, G., and E. Pappa (2018) “The Cyclical Effects of Monetary Policy on Inequality under Labor Market Frictions and Capital-Skill Complementarity" (R&R American Economic Journal-Macro).

Dolado, J., Garcia-Peñalosa, C., and L. Tarasonis (2018) "The Changing Nature of Gender Selection into Employment: Europe over the Great Recession" .

Dolado, J. Lale, E., and H. Turon (2018) " Zero-Hour Contracts: A Positive Analysis"