Carlos San Juan-Mesonada

Associate Professor (Jean Monet Professor)
Agrarian Economy, European Economy and Natural Resources Economy
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Carlos San Juan Mesonada is European Jean Monnet Professor of Economic Integration (European Commission, 1999) and full professor in the Economics Department of the Carlos III University of Madrid (UC3M), and has specialized in the evaluation of European public policies and analysis of productivity.

He has been a visiting professor at Arizona State University (AZ, 1998/99). Professor of Fiscal and Monetary Policy in the EU teaching the Doing Business in Spain course for State University of New York and regularly teaches the Economics of European Integration course (UC3M).

He is currently directing a research on the employability of rural women and entrepreneurs with published results in Agrarian Economics and Natural Resources (2017) and her book with Raquel Carrasco (UC3M) "Specialization and Gender Equality" will appear in 2018.

Director since 2004, together with Eldon Ball (ERS, Washington D.C.) of the project "International Comparisons of Productivity". With results published in Review of Economics & Finance (2017), Journal of Productivity Analysis (2014), Agriculture Economics, (2010 and 2007), Applied Economics, 2008, Canadian Journal of Agricultural Economics / Revue canadienne d'agroeconomie, ( 2004).

His projects include: (European Commission, 2005-11) Desurvey (A Surveillance System for Assessing and Monitoring of Desertification) and "Econometric models to assess the impact of the reform of the Common Agricultural Policy" (MAPYA, 2004/08). Along with R. Mora he has published in Regional Science and Urban Economics, (2004) and Agriculture Economics, (2010).

He has been director of European DesrtNet (EDN, 2007-09) and president-elect of DesertNet International (DNI, 2009-10). Member of the Executive Committee of the DSD consortium, Dry Land Science for Development (2008-10). He was previously a researcher in the concerted action of the European Commission "Panel for Accounting Innovation (Environment) in the European Farm Accounting Data Frame Work" (1998-2004). He has also collaborated with German scientific institutions in Environmental frontier analysis in the livestock sector (2002-04) with Werner Kleinhanss (Federal Agricultural Research Center, Braunschweig, Germany), Carmen Murillo (University of Santander) and Stefan Sperlich (Univ. De Göttingen currently at the Univ. of Geneva).

Selected Publications

Quispe Salazar, E., and San Juan Mesonada, C. "Values of gender equality and specialization: Differences between EU regions". Economía Agraria y Recursos Naturales. 2017

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Ball, V. E., San-Juan-Mesonada, C., and Ulloa, C. A. "State Productivity Growth in Agriculture: Catching-Up and the Business Cycle.State productivity growth in agriculture: catching-up and the business cycle". Journal of Productivity Analysis, 42(3), 327-338. 2014

E. Ball, J.-P. Butault, San Juan Mesonada, C., and Mora R. "Productivity and International Competitiveness in European Union and United States Agriculture" Agricultural Economics, Nov., v. 41, no. 6 Blackwell Publishing Inc, p. 611-627. ISSN 0169-5150

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