Antonio Cabrales

Full Professor (Research Chair in Economics)
Economy of social networks, design and mechanisms, games of learning and evolution, experimental economy, behavioral and industrial organization
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Antonio Cabrales holds a Ph.D. in Economics from the University of California, San Diego and a B.A. from Universidad Complutense. He has been a Professor and Head of the department of Economics at University College London, and a Professor at Universitat Pompeu Fabra in Barcelona. He is also the executive vice president of the European Economic Association and former president of the Spanish Economic Association and honorary fellow at both associations. He works in the economics of networks and mechanism design, learning and evolutionary games, experimental and behavioral economics, and industrial organization. He is associate editor at the Journal of Economic Theory, and formerly an editor of the Berkeley Electronic Journal of Economic Analysis and Policy and Investigaciones Económicas, as well as former associate editor of the Journal of the European Economic Association and SERIEs.

 Main Publications

Ghazala Azmat, Manuel Bagues, Antonio Cabrales and Nagore Iriberri (2019), What you know... Can't hurt you? A natural field experiment on relative performance feedback in higher education. Management Science, 65: 3714-3736.

Antonio Cabrales, Olivier Gossner and Roberto Serrano (2013), Entropy and the value of information for investors. American Economic Review, 103:360-377.

Antonio Cabrales, Raffaele Miniaci, Marco Piovesan and Giovanni Ponti (2010), Social Preferences and Strategic Uncertainty: an Experiment on Markets and Contracts. American Economic Review, 100:2261-2278.

Antonio Cabrales, Antoni Calvó-Armengol and Nicola Pavoni (2008), Social Preferences, Skill Segregation and Wage Dynamics. Review of Economic Studies, 75:65-98.

Antonio Cabrales, Antoni Calvó-Armengol and Matthew O. Jackson (2003), La Crema: A Case Study of Mutual Fire Insurance. Journal of Political Economy, 111:425-458.

Recent Reaserch

Antonio Cabrales and Esther Hauk (2022), Norms and the evolution of leaders' followership..

Antonio Cabrales, Manu García, Angel Sánchez, and David Ramos (2022), The Interactions of Social Norms about Climate Change: Science, Institutions and Economics..

Cevat Giray Aksoy, Antonio Cabrales, Mathias Dolls,Ruben Durante, and Lisa Windsteiger (2021) , Calamities, Common Interests, Shared Identity: What Shapes Altruism and Reciprocity?

Cristina Bellés-Obrero, Antonio Cabrales, Sergi Jiménez-Martín and Judit Vall-Castelló (2021), Women's Education, Fertility and Children's Health during a Gender Equalization Process: Evidence from a Child Labor Reform in Spain.

Antonio Cabrales, Francesco Feri, Piero Gottardi, and Miguel Angel Meléndez (2021),Communication and social preferences: an experimental analysis.