Kateryna Bornukova

Visiting Professor
Macroeconomics, Labor Economics, Economics of Transition, Economic Policy, Social Protection
Office: 11.2.03
- Currículum Vitae


Kateryna Bornukova is a Visiting Professor of Economics at UC3M.  She holds a PhD in Economics from Universidad Carlos III de Madrid. She was a senior researcher at BEROC, an independent economic research centre in Belarus, and was affiliated with the Kyiv School of Economics, Ukraine. Kateryna was a consultant for many international organizations like the World Bank, UNDP and UNICEF.


Recent Research

The effect of stress on reported pain in users of a mobile health app during the Russia-Ukraine conflict” with Kazlou, A., Slaykovskiy, V., Wickham, A., Zhaunova, L., Peven, K., Klepchukova, A., Ponzo, S. and Garfinkel, S. 2022. Working paper

Fiscal Policy and Child Poverty in Belarus” with J. Cuesta, G. Shymanovich and U. Valetka. 2022. European Journal of Development Research, published online and forthcoming in print

“Gender Inequality under Laisses-Fair Covid: Case of Belarus”, with Lvovskiy, L. 2022. R&R in Comparative Economic Studies

The Economic Reconstruction of Belarus: Next Steps after a Democratic Transition”, with Hartwell, C., Kruk, D., & Zoller-Rydzek, B. 2022.  European Parliament Think Tank study

Poverty, Vulnerability, and Household Coping Strategies during the 2015-16 Recession in Belarus”, with A. Cojocaru, M. Matytsin and G. Shymanovich. 2019. Policy Research Working Paper; No. 9003. Washington, D.C. : World Bank

Fiscal Incidence in Ukraine: A Commitment to Equity Analysis”, with M. Matytsin and N. Leshchenko. 2019. Poverty and Equity Global Practice Working Paper; no. 193. Washington, D.C. : World Bank Group



Principles of Economics (Grado); International Economics (Grado); Trabajo de Fin de Grado.