Álvaro  Name-Correa

Associate Professor. Ramón y Cajal Res.
Microeconomic Theory, Political Economy and Public Economy.
+34 91 624 9651 Office: 15.2.31
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Álvaro Name is in P.hD. from Duke University.

Selected Publications

Name, Á., and Yildrim H. "Learning by Fund-Raising" Review of Economic Design  21(4). 2017

Name, Á., and Yildrim H. "Giving" in to Social Pressure Games and Economic Behavior  99. 2016

Name, Á., and Yildrim H. "A Theory of Charitable Fund-raising with Costly Solicitations". American Economic Review  103(2)  2013


Economia Industrial (grados) Tópicos en Intervención Pública (grados) Advanced Microeconomics I (PhD)