Econometric Game 2021

This year Econometric Game have been online, with a good representation of universities from all over the world. The three first positions have been 1º Lund University, 2º Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam and 3º University of Cambridge. The topic this year was about the causal relation between real estate prices and Airbnb flats’ locations using Netherland data. The problem involves spatial and time series dependent data and suitable models specification. An additional challenge is that a paper had to be written in 8 hours from 10:00 to 18:00. The members of our team were Telmo J. Pérez Izquierdo (captain), Joel R.Terschuur, Camila Steffens and Facundo N. Argañaráz. They did an excellent job, producing a very nice paper in the very short time provided.

This competition, which involves teams from a selection of International Universities, challenges its participants to solve a case study of Econometrics subsequently evaluated by a jury of independent and qualified professors.

The UC3M Department of Economics has won the competition three times since 2007 (the first year of participation of the Department of Economics). In 2018, the team composed by Miguel Ángel Cabello, Yuhao Li, Francisco Pareschi and Julius Vainora, won the contest ahead of Harvard and Copenhagen University teams in a competition in which 30 universities participated. The UC3M is one of the few universities that has won the award three times.