Natalia Fabra

Full Professor (ERC - Santander Chair)
Energy Economics, Electricity Markets, Industrial Organization, Regulation and Competition
+34 91 624 57 36 Office: 15.2.21
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Natalia Fabra is Professor at the Economics Department of Universidad Carlos III de Madrid. She obtained her PhD in Economics in 2001 at the European University Institute (Florence).

Natalia works in the field of Industrial Organization, with emphasis on Energy and Environmental Economics, and Regulation and Competition Policy issues. She has received the 2014 Sabadell-Herrero Prize for Best Young Spanish Economist, and the 2014 Julián Marías Prize for best young researcher in the field of Humanities and Social Sciences in the Madrid region.

Natalia is Research Fellow at the Centre for Economic Policy Research (CEPR), Associate Editor of the Journal of Industrial Economics, and editor of the RePEc's New Economic Papers on Regulation.

During 2018-2023, Natalia Fabra is the Principal Investigator in the ERC project "Current Tools and Policy Challenges in Electricity Markets"

Main Publications

Fabra, N., and Reguant, M. “Pass-through of Emissions Costs in Electricity Markets”. American Economic Review 2014

De Frutos, M-A, and Fabra, N. “How to Allocate Forward Contracts: the case of electricity markets”. European Economic Review 2012

De Frutos, M-A, Fabra, N., and Von der Ferh, N-H. “Market Design and Investment Incentives”. Economic Journal 2011

Fabra, N., Harbord, D. and Von der Ferh, N-H. “Designing Electricity Auctions”. Rand Journal of Economics, 2006

Recent Research

Fabra, N., and Reguant, M. "A Model of Search with Price Discrimination" CEPR Discussion Paper No. DP12823 2018

Fabra, N., and Montero, Juan Pablo "Product Choice and Price Discrimination in Markets with Search Costs" CEPR Discussion Paper 12046  2017

Fabra, N. "On the Competitive Effects of Retention Strategies"

Bian, X., and Fabra, N. "Incentives for Information Provision: A Study of Energy Efficiency in the Spanish Rental Market"

Fabra, N. "A Primer on Capacity Markets"


Regulation and Competition Policy, Energy Economics, Industrial Organization,