Nicolas Motz

Visiting Professor. UC3M postdoc researcher
Political Economy, Applied Game Theory, and Structural Estimation
916249863 Office: 15.2.09
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Nicolas Motz obtained his PhD from University College London and holds a Master in Economics from the University of Warwick. He has worked as a visiting professor in Universidad Autónma de Madrid and currently occupies a position as visiting professor in the Universidad Carlos III de Madrid. His research focuses on the field of political economy. He uses both theoretical and empirical methods to investigate how various factors influence the selection and behavior of elected politicians.

Main Publications

Joseph-Simon Görlach and Nicolas Motz (forthcoming): Spillovers and Strategic Interaction in Immigration Policies, Journal of Economic Geography.
Nicolas Motz (2019): Who Emerges from Smoke-Filled Rooms? Political Parties and Candidate Selection, Social Choice and Welfare, 52 (1), 161-196.

Recent Research

Nicolas Motz (2020): Ambitious Politicians, Radical Voters, and the Threat of Secessionism - On the Conditions for Two-Party Dominance.
Joseph-Simon Görlach, Nicolas Motz, and Christian Odendahl: Bureaucrats versus Politicians? Estimating a Model of Legislative Bargaining in the European Union.