Luis Corchón

Full Professor
Industrial Organization, Design of Mechanisms and Concerns.
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Luís Corchón, P.hD. in Economics from  Universidad Complutense de Madrid and London School of Economics. He has been full professor in Universidad de Alicante (1988-1996), Pompeu Fabra (visiting, 1996-1997) and since 1997 he is full professor in  Universidad Carlos III de Madrid.

Main Publications

Baliga, S., Corchón, L., and Sjöström, T. "The theory of implementation when the planner is a player." Journal of Economic Theory 77 (1), 15-33. 1997

Corchón, L. "Comparative statics for aggregative games the strong concavity case." Mathematical Social Sciences 28, 3, 151-165, 1994.

Corchón, L., Dahm, M. "Foundations for contest success functions ." Economic Theory 43 (1), 81-98

Beviá, C., and Corchón, L. "Peace agreements without commitment." Games and Economic Behavior 68 (2), 469-487

Recent Research

Corchón, L., and Serena, M. "Properties of Contests."

Beviá, C., and Corchón, L. "Dominant Strategies in Contests"

Corchón, L., Hammond, P., and Sempere, J. "Compensated Lindahl Equilibrium: Efficiency Theorems and Gains from Trade with Individual Production and Public Goods" (con  P. Hammond y J. Sempere)

Beviá, C.,  Corchón, L., and Yasuda, Y. "Oligopolistic Equilibrium and Financial Constraints."


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