Irma Clots-Figueras

Associate Professor (On Leave)
Development Economics, Public Economics and Political Economy
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Irma Clots-Figueras received her PhD from the London School of Economics in 2006. She is an Associate Professor in Economics at the Universidad Carlos III de Madrid. Her research interests include Development Economics, Labor Economics, Migration, Cultural Economics, and Political Economy.

Main Publications

Bhalotra, S., Clots-Figueras, I., and Iyer, L. Path-Breakers: How Does Women's Political Participation Respond to Electoral Success? The Economic Journal. Forthcoming

Avitabile, C., Clots-Figueras, I., and Masella, P. "Citizenship, Fertility and Parental Investments." American Economic Journal: Applied Economics.6(4), 35-65, 2014.

Clots-Figueras, I., and Bhalotra, S. "Health and the Political Agency of Women" American Economic Journal: Economic Policy.Vol 6(2), pp 164-97. 2014.

Clots-Figueras, I., and Masella, P. "Education, Language and Identity." The Economic Journal, 123(570), F332-F357, 2013.

Clots-Figueras, I. "Are Female Leaders Good for Education? Evidence from India." American Economic Journal: Applied Economics 4(1), 212-44, January 2012.

Clots-Figueras, I. "Women in Politics. Evidence from the Indian States."  Journal of Public Economics, 95, pp 664-690.  2011

Recent Research

Bhalotra, S., and Clots-Figueras, I. "Religion and Abortion. The Role of Politician Identity."  IZA Discussion paper 11292.

Bhalotra, S., Clots-Figueras, I.,  and Iyer, B. "Politician Identity and Religious Conflict in India"

Cabrales, A., Clots-Figueras, I., Hernán, R., and Kujal, P. Institutions and Prosocial Behaviour. With Antonio Cabrales, Praveen Kujal and Roberto Hernán.

Bhalotra, S., Clots-Figueras, I., Iyer,L.  and  Vecci, J. Religion and Politics: Lab-in-the-field experiments in India".

Clots-Figueras, I. "Education and Financial Decisions. Evidence from Spain".

Clots-Figueras, I.,and, Sajons, C. "Birthright Citizenship and Education-Do Immigrant Children Need a Passport to Thrive".


Desarrollo Económico (Gradio en Economía), Desarrollo Económico (Doctorado)