Johannes Gierlinger

Visiting Professor
Economics of Risk and Insurance, Financial Economics, Social Networks
+34 91 624 9587 Office: 15.2.34
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Johannes Gierlinger received his PhD from the Toulouse School of Economics. Before joining Universidad Carlos III as a Visiting Professor in 2018 he was Assistant Professor at the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona and Affiliated Professor at the Barcelona Graduate School of Economics.

Main Publications

Gierlinger, J., and Laczó, S. "Matching to Share Risk without Commitment". The Economic Journal, 128: 2003-2031  2018

Recent Research

Gierlinger, J., and Gollier, C. "Do interest rates decline when there is ambiguity about growth?" 2018
Gierlinger, J., and Milan, P.
"Local risk sharing with hidden income" 2018
Gierlinger, J. "Betting under subjective uncertainty" 2018


Principles of Economics (undergraduate), Macroeconomics (undergraduate), Mathematics II (undergraduate)