Antoine Loeper

Associate Professor (Ramón y Cajal Res.)
Political Economy and Microeconomics
+34 91 624 5738 Office: 15.2.17
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Antoine Loeper  is P.hD. at the Toulouse School of Economics (2001-2006). After defending his  PhD, he  was hired as an assistant professor at MEDS, the theory department of the Kellogg School of Management. In 2011, after a short visit at Simon Fraser university, he returned to Europe at the  economics department of Universidad Carlos III. He left temporarily Carlos III in the academic year 2015-2016 for a research fellowship at Banco de España.

Main Publications

Dziuda, Wiola, and Loeper, A. "Dynamic Pivotal Politics" American Political Science Review, Forthcoming

Dziuda, W., and Loeper, A. "Dynamic Collective Choice with Endogenous Status quo" Journal of Political Economy, 2016

Loeper, A., Steiner, J., and Stewart, C. "Influential Opinion Leaders". The Economic Journal, 2014

Loeper, A. "Federal Directives, Local Discretion, and the Majority Rule". Quarterly Journal of Political Science, Volume 8, issue 1, 2013

Loeper, A. "Coordination in Heterogeneous Federal Systems". Journal of Public Economics, Volume 95, Issues 7–8, 2011

Recent Research

Austen-Smith, David, Dziuda, Wiola, and Loeper, A. "Gridlock and Inefficienct Policy Instruments".

Loeper, A. "Agglomeration, Segregation, and Social Welfare in Group Formation Games".

Loeper, A. "Contractual Federalism, Strategy-proofness and Policy Coordination".


Undergraduate: Political Economy
Graduate: Microecnomics II (Game Theory)