Andrés Erosa

Full Professor.
Macroeconomics, Growth and Economic Development, Monetary Theory, Public Finance, Labor Economics
+34 91 624 96 00 Office: 15.1.17
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Andrés Erosa es P.hD. in Economics from  Minessota University. Since 2012 he is Full Professor in the Department of Economics of UC3M.

Selected Publications

Erosa, A., Fuster, L., and  Kambourov, G. "Labor Supply and Government Programs: A Cross-country Analysis?" Journal of Monetary Economics, 59, 84-107. 2012

Recent Research

Erosa, A., Fuster, L.,  Kambourov, G., and Rogerson R. "Hours, Ocupations and Gender Differences in Labor Market Outcomes" NBER Working Paper 23636, julio 2017.

Allub, L., and Erosa, A. "Financial Frictions and Inequality".

Erosa, A., Fuster, L., and  Kambourov, G. "Towards a Micro-Founded Theory of Aggregate Labor Supply'


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