Matilde P. Machado and Ricardo Mora win the call Intergenerational Mobility in Latin America of CAF

Matilde P. Machado, Ricardo Mora and Karen Olivo’s research proposal “Teen pregnancy in Latin America: the mother-daughter link”, was the winner among more than 200 proposals, of the call Intergenerational Mobility in Latin America by CAF (Development bank of America).

For more information: Research Projects – Intergenerational Mobility in Latin America | CAF

Josef Ruzicka is awarded again with the best paper by a PhD student

Our PhD student Josef Ruzicka, with his paper “Quantile Local Projections: Identification, Smooth Estimation, and Inference” previously distributed as “Smooth Quantile Projections”, has been awarded again with the Best Paper Award, this time at the 7th Annual Conference of the International Association for Applied Econometrics.

The annual conference brings together leading researchers in the field to discuss and debate all aspects of econometrics, covering both its theoretical development and its applied uses.



Antonio Cabrales receives the Rey Jaime I award in Economics

Antonio Cabrales, professor in the Department of Economics at Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, has been awarded with the Rey Jaime I 2021 in the Economics category. This prize, endowed with 100,000 euros and with a jury of 21 Nobel laureates, recognises the work and contributions of the researcher in the field of game theory, behavioural and experimental economics, and the analysis of social networks. It also highlights his recent contribution in adaptive dynamics or bounded rationality.

Cabrales is a Professor in the Department of Economics at UC3M. He holds a PhD in Economics from the University of California, San Diego, and has been a professor at University College London and Pompeu Fabra University. He is a research associate at the Center for Economic and Policy Research (CEPR), executive vice-president of the European Economic Association and former president of the Spanish Economic Association, as well as honorary member of both associations. His main lines of research focus on the economics of social networks, design and mechanisms, learning games and evolution, experimental economics, behavioural economics and industrial organisation.

His interests include public policies in education, health and labour, for whose analysis he uses a varied set of techniques anchored in economic theory, according to the executive president of the Rei Jaume I Awards Foundation, Javier Quesada, during the proclamation of this year’s winners.








The Rey Jaime I Awards were created in 1989 with the aim of bringing together, in studies and research, scientific and business entities for the promotion of research, scientific development and entrepreneurship in Spain. They are the prizes with the best financial endowment in the country, with the commitment to reinvest part of the prize money in research and entrepreneurship in Spain. The juries are made up of eighty people, including more than twenty Nobel Prize winners.

Antonio Cabrales is the second member of the Economics department to receive this prestigious award along with Juan J. Dolado in 2015.

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Lecture by Juan José Dolado at the Fundación Rafael Del Pino

Juan José Dolado, Professor of Economics at the Universidad Carlos III, participated last Tuesday 25th May in the online dialogue wich was broadcast live through the Fundación Rafael Del Pino, with the title European Funds and Structural Weaknesses of the Spanish Economy. Labour Market.

Also were present Raymond Torres, director of economic and international economics at FUNCAS and Manuel Sanchis i Marco, professor of economics at the University of Valencia.

The conference/colloquium was very well received and was followed by more than 800 people. A recording is available at the following link.

More information of the event.


Emircan Yurdagul awarded with the UC3M Excellence Award 2021

Universidad Carlos III de Madrid has announced the winners of the Excellence Awards 2021 of its Social Council, among whom is Emircan Yurdagul, Assistant Professor in the Department of Economics, who has been awarded in the Young Doctoral Research Staff category.

The UC3M Excellence Awards recognize high-impact research achievements within the discipline and are a magnificent opportunity to give visibility to researchers of notable international projection.



Econometric Game 2021

This year Econometric Game have been online, with a good representation of universities from all over the world. The three first positions have been 1º Lund University, 2º Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam and 3º University of Cambridge. The topic this year was about the causal relation between real estate prices and Airbnb flats’ locations using Netherland data. The problem involves spatial and time series dependent data and suitable models specification. An additional challenge is that a paper had to be written in 8 hours from 10:00 to 18:00. The members of our team were Telmo J. Pérez Izquierdo (captain), Joel R.Terschuur, Camila Steffens and Facundo N. Argañaráz. They did an excellent job, producing a very nice paper in the very short time provided.

This competition, which involves teams from a selection of International Universities, challenges its participants to solve a case study of Econometrics subsequently evaluated by a jury of independent and qualified professors.

The UC3M Department of Economics has won the competition three times since 2007 (the first year of participation of the Department of Economics). In 2018, the team composed by Miguel Ángel Cabello, Yuhao Li, Francisco Pareschi and Julius Vainora, won the contest ahead of Harvard and Copenhagen University teams in a competition in which 30 universities participated. The UC3M is one of the few universities that has won the award three times.

Josef Ruzicka receives the Best Paper Award at the 14th RGS Doctoral Conference in Economics

Our Ph.D. Student Josef Ruzicka, with his paper “Smooth Quantile Projections”, has been awarded with the Best Paper at the 14th RGS Doctoral Conference in Economics.

It is a conference for PhD students with about 300 submissions and 90 presenters from many different universities, including Oxford, Cambridge and LSE.


EnergyEcoLab receives a grant from the La Caixa Foundation to support social research projects

EnergyEcoLab has received a grant from the La Caixa Foundation, aimed at supporting social research projects that provide knowledge about current and emerging social challenges through innovative approaches.

The project, entitled “The socio-economic impacts of low emission zones (LEZ)”, will contribute to the debate on two global issues of key socio-economic importance: the design of environmental policies and the future of  cities. This theme is based on the European Green Pact’s strategy to achieve climate neutrality by 2050 in line with the European Commission’s objective of achieving “100 climate-neutral cities by 2030 for and by citizens”.

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Grants awarded to Scientific Research Teams on SARS-CoV-2 and COVID-19 in Economics and Social Sciences by the BBVA Foundation

Juan José Dolado, professor at the Universidad Carlos III and his research team, have been awarded one of the 4 grants for SARS-CoV-2 and COVID-19 scientific research teams in Economics and Social Sciences by the BBVA Foundation.

The project selected carries out an evaluation of the policies applied in Spain during the COVID-19 crisis and its aftermath, emphasising the role of DSGE models with heterogeneous agents and sectors.

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